Medicine Hat Employment Law

Do you lost your job recently and were given a severance package? Are you being strained or intimidated at work and don’t know where to go to? Have you been accused of harassment, bullying, or other misconduct? Have you been given a new job and requested to sign a contract?

No matter what your reason, you probably think you might need legal aid. Here at our Medicine Hat law firm, we work with people to help you through your workplace challenges with our Employment Law services.

No matter if you are a line worker, a CEO, or somewhere in the middle, you need to guarantee you know your rights. We understand that legal charges could be costly. It might be enticing to save some cash by dealing the matters by yourself.

Our Medicine Hat lawyers often hear about individuals deciding not to get legal advice because “it’s too costly and they are definite the company is being reasonable and just to them.” However, the truth is that they do understand what they are doing, and these companies are acting in their best interests and not yours. 

Unluckily, you can’t and shouldn’t accept you’re being treated impartially. That’s true whether it be in the situation of a severance package, a harassment analysis, or a job offer. You must make sure you understand your privileges and the best method to implement them.

Picture how you’d feel if you were to save $500 now by deciding not to receive legal counsel on the employment contract you’ve been demanded to sign. You realized later on that doing so cost you tens of thousands of money in severance.

Our Medicine Hat Employment Lawyers Will Not Just Tell You the Things You Want to Hear

We don’t support playful claims. Instead, we will offer our impartial opinion based on our long years of experience. Our advice will consider not just the law, but the practical truths as well. You might have a lawful legal claim.

However, we won’t support you to spend tens of thousands of dollars litigating if it is only worth $2,000. Our Medicine Hat employment lawyers will work with you each step of the way to perform a cost-benefit analysis, allowing you to decide on your next step.

How Our Consultation Works

We always start with a formal discussion when we work with a person. It is an in-person consultation, although we could also schedule meetings through telephone, video conference or Skype as well. Our consultation is a fixed-price process, involving up to an hour of meeting period. On top of that, we also spend reviewing the information you present to us ahead of time.

Throughout the meeting, we will:

  •   evaluate your situation
  •   discuss the law
  •   assess how the law applies to your situation
  •   talk about your choices and possible strategies

Our goal is to make sure that by the end of the consultation stage, you’ll have an understanding of:

  •   the legal principles involved
  •   your obligations and rights
  •   the strategies and options accessible to you

Our Medicine Hat lawyers are easy to get along with. Be sure to get in touch with us to find out your legal rights.