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Nothing can beat the services of a Medicine Hat corporate lawyer – from experience, a range of fees to quality legal solutions, an expert has them all.

Perhaps, you have a prior background in corporate law. Unfortunately, there are overwhelming duties to handle as a business owner. This is where a professional legal counsel can help clients prevent unexpected issues from happening.

Among the variety of lawyers, our Medicine Hat lawyers are trusted for the highest quality of services. We hold years of experience in corporate law. Our team works with extra care and attention. There’s no waiting time, and legal solutions are quick and convenient. Plus, we never take shortcuts.

What Makes Us the Most Sought-After Medicine Hat Lawyers

Selection of Organizational Structure

The business structure influences a daily business operation, including personal assets and taxes. So, it is important to make the right decision with the help of a corporate law expert.

Organizational structures are divided into 5 categories. These include a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), corporation, and cooperative.

A sole proprietorship is the easiest structure to form. Unlike the others, it gives a single person complete control of the business. The partnership consists of two or more people who own a business. Limited Liability Company, on the other hand, allows people to enjoy the benefits of other business structures such as the partnership and corporation.

The corporation consists of C Corp, S Corp, B Corp, Close Corporation, and Non-Profit Corporations.

Cooperative is an organization owned by or operated for the benefit of individuals using the services. The earnings and profits are well distributed among the user-owners or members. It has a broad of directors or officers.

Our Medicine Hat lawyers will help you determine the right business structure. Our team is professional and accommodating.

Preparation of Corporate Records

A thorough and documented record preparation or management helps keep companies productive and effective. Poor corporate records can lead to financial taxes, legal issues, employee inefficiency, and data loss.

At our Medicine Hat law office, there’s nothing to worry about! Our legal team specializes in preparing and maintaining business records of all sizes. From annual returns to shareholders’ resolutions, we have got you covered.

Liquidation and Dissolution of Corporations

Liquidating and dissolving corporations can be a headache. Let [Insert company] handle the job for your safety. From the paper works to extensive procedures, our lawyers are well-trained and qualified.

Structure of Corporate Financing

Corporate financing refers to the debt and equity that a business employs for its operations. This composition affects the value and risk of a corporation. Aside from financial managers, corporate lawyers can decide the best mixture of equity and debt to optimize the financial structure.

Preparation of Shareholder Agreements

As a confidential document, a shareholder agreement lays out ground rules or establishes procedures for emergencies. Our lawyers in Medicine Hat can develop the agreement in accordance with the principles of contract law.

Other Corporate Law Services

Apart from preparing corporate records and dissolving a business, we advise our valued clients on shareholder’s rights and directors’ liabilities.

That’s not all! We register corporations to do business outside the province and reorganize share capital to meet their tax planning requirements.

Call us now to set an appointment! Our legal counsels are professional, licensed, and certified.